On the auspicious occasion of International women’s Day, campaign for peace kandhamal organised an interaction meeting with the different college students of phulbani town to observe the day to mark the unlimited power and contribution of women in the world. The women were not considered equal with men since immemorial which witnessed unrest and commotion in the western countries.

During the Russian empire Nicholas-2 the textile worker women started revolution against injustice to them including suffrage for women the women demanded that they be given right to vote and hold public office that which paved way to Russian revolution. Keeping in view of the above and the present scenario the meeting highlighted the role of women in bringing about equality and justice in the society.

Prof. Prasanna Bishoyi evoked the awareness of the students and invited Mr. Abhay Sundar to share the significance of the day’s observation with the students Prof. Akhay Behera of Millennium College welcomed the guest and students to mark the occasion with attention and enthusiasm lecturer Alok Mishra presented his view that the students shouldn’t have diverse attitude towards each lecturer Manas Shetty, lecturer. Rabindra Behera pinpointed that gender equality should start in the family first and the students in the college massed bear on mind that the discrimination towards gender inequality should be banned. There were all together 70 students in the programme.

After sharing sessions by the college staff the students were invited to speak on the occasion of the day. After the deliberation of the students a debate competition was conducted on the observation of the day where 9 of the students were awarded with prizes for their good performance in the debate. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sahu a student of +3 2nd years from Govt. Autonomous College stood first in the debate which was shared by Miss Rubina Behera 1st year student of BBA of Millennium College. Mr. Amos Suna Majhi, a student of +3 2nd year of Govt. Autonomous College was awarded with second prize along with Jajanita Digal and Deepanjali Desnayak. Miss. Pragati Mallick, Mr. Pitabas Gundramaajhi, Miss. Nirmala Ganda won third prize. Mr. Pratap Kumar Mallick received a consolation prize. Miss. Rubina Behera in her speech clearly mentioned that women are the real power for sustaining the earth. They are the master of creation without them the whole world would have been a place of desert. Miss Jajanita Digal said that the women are the epitome of perseverance, sacrifice and ever vigilant to fulfill the need of mankind. Miss Pragati Mallick and Nirmala Ganda categorically highlighted the violence that is taking place against women throughout the world should be stopped and the culprit should be given capital punishment. The women have achieved excellence in the field of public administration, sports, science, research and above all service to mankind. After their speeches vote of thanks by Prof. Akhay Behera of the millennium college. The programme was highly appreciated by the participants.

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