The origin and development of islamThe prophet of non violenceThe Quran women and modern societyThey too fought for india's freedom
Religion state and civil societyState secularism and religion Western and Indian expThe Gujrat Carnage
The islamic state
bohrasminority & police inindiamuslims and indiaIslam women and gender justice
Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 3.43.51 pmgandhi & communal harmonyMandal commission controversy
communalism-in-indiacommunalism-in-india-a-historical-and-empirical-studyBabri Masjid Ramajanmabhoomi controversy
Religion & Liberationsecular crown on fire- the kashmir problemcommunal-riots-in-post-independence-indiacommunication-of-politics-and-10th-loksabha-elections
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