Secular Perspective
The Secular Perspective is the Centre’s fortnightly magazine, providing timely commentary on current events occurring in India and around the world.

Fact Finding Reports
“As Ranajit Guha suggests, each event has unique context, character, and composition of participants. The Centre for the Study of Society and Secularism undertakes fact-finding missions to go deeper than media coverage and law enforcement reports in order to better understand the impetus for communal incidents so communities may come together, pick up the pieces, and begin to heal.” – Adv. Irfan Engineer

Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS)
The Institute of Islamic Studies was founded to project Islam and Islamic values in the correct Qur’anic perspective and to emphasise funamental Islamic values of justice, equality, peace, compassion, human dignity, freedom of conscience, inter-faith understanding and wisdom.

Indian Journal of Secularism (IJS)
(Reg. No.66034/97 with Registrar of News Papers)
ISSN 2277 – 5501
Journal devoted to addressing problems faced especially by Indian society in the context of growing communalism, ethnic conflicts, fundamentalism, regionalism and related issues.

Other Publications
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