Centre for Study of Society and Secularism is happy to announce the  Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer Best Published Paper Award (2018-19) is awarded to Rahul Govind (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Delhi) for his paper titled Ambedkar’s Lessons, Ambedkar’s Challenges: Hinduism, Hindutva and the Indian Nation published in  Economic and Political Weekly Vol. 53, Issue No. 4, January 2018 after the jury’s decision. 

He was presented with the Award in the form of a Memento and cash prize of INR 25,000 by Prof. W. Cole Durham Jr. at the 15th Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer Memorial Lecture held on 22nd February 2019 at Jawahar Bhawan, New Delhi.

The Award has been instituted in honour of Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer (1939-2013), a renowned Islamic scholar and activist and the founding Chairperson of Centre for Study of Society and Secularism.

Prof. W. Cole Durham Jr. is the founding Director, International Center for Law and Religion Studies.

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