Ahmedabad Peace Centre is Partner with Centre for Study of Society and Secularism, Mumbai, is working for the communal harmony and peace along with composite culture and cultural diversity. It organizes cultural programs, arranges meetings, and visits different places to engage people from different faiths in peace activities.

One such cultural diversity walk was organized by Ahmadabad Peace Centre on 23rd January 2022 of old Ahmedabad to understand the cultural diversity, shared culture and the contribution of various communities to Indian culture over a period of time. A group of 11 youths participated in the cultural walk from the Patni community (OBCs) from Saraspur and Gomtipur area. The group of people visited ‘Manek Burj’, river ‘Sabarmati’, passing through ‘ellishbridge’, to old ‘Jama Masjid – Ahmed shah niji Masjid’ to ‘Majur Mahajan’ and ‘Shahid Smarak’. Then went through ‘Siddi Saiyed Jaali’, to ‘Bhadra Quilla’, visited ‘IP mission’, ‘Ishwar Prarthna Samaj Hall’, ‘CNI Church’, ‘first girls schools’, ‘Yahudi Synagogue’, ‘Parsi Agyari’ and lastly to ‘Rani Sipri’ and the ‘Asaval Tekri’.

During the walk Hozefa explained the history and culture associated with these historic places. Youth got information about the composite culture that has been present in India for a long time. After visiting the different places and getting information about cultural diversity, youth got inspired to nurture this shared culture.

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