Ahmedabad: Continuing the cultural diversity walk of the city with different groups, the other two walks were organized on the 7th and 14th of August 2022.  The diversity walk was organized by the group of Parwaaz organization.  Around 37 people participated in the walk. HozefaUjjaini, from Buniyaad, facilitated this walk. Both the groups were different and we visited the below-mentioned places in the old city:

ManekBurj, Ellishbridge, Gujri Bazar, Sabarmati River, Majur Mahajan, Sardar Patel House, Saheed Smarak, Ahmedshah Niji Masjid, Area of Maratha Rule, Tilak Baug, CNI church, Bhadra Kaali Mandir, Bhadra fort, Teen Darwaza, Ishwar Prathna Samaj Hall, Synagogue, Parsi Agiyari, Municipal corporation, Asha Bhil Tekro, Siddi Saiyed Mosque, Rani Sipri Masjid and Dargah.

The route identifies the different Eras which are the Sultanate period, Mughal Period, Maratha rule, British Rule, and after the independence of the country. This gives ideas that people from different cultures have together to build the city and the monuments and how in our daily life the shared culture is embodied that we live and actually celebrate. This has given a clear idea to the participants that how and politics behind promoting homogeneous culture aggressively and this is the attempt to show the other side contrasting this.

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