Activities for the month of June 2017


Date:9th to 28th June, 2017

Location:Community Peace Centre, Karawara

Name of Event/Activity:Internship

Type of Activity: Exploring rural community through Internship

Brief Description:

Three interns came on a rural internship to Community Peace Center from Lucknow and Harda. They came to explore the community, understand the local issues, survive with the daily struggles rural people face and contribute for people’s betterment in the three-week internship which focused on looking particularly into gender based issues. The young interns did a commendable job throughout their internship period. They visited different villages and spoke to local people, learnt about their culture and life and mobilized youth for meetings. They conducted various meetings in different villages and apprised the youth about sexual and reproductive health and rights, menstruation and night fall. Basically the issues that are considered taboo in the society and are not discusses in open spaces. They also screened a short video depicting child marriage issue, what are its implications and physical and mental effects on the victims.


Youth Meeting

Date: 18th June, 2017

Time:12 p.m.

Location:Community Peace Center, Bambala

Name of Event/Activity:Youth meeting

Type of Activity:Discussion and awareness program


Brief Description:

The team of peace center had a meeting with the female youths at the center to discuss about the community issues happening in the village. First of all an energizer was conducted with the participants to instill enthusiasm in them and then the discussion was started. The meeting apprised them about the current issues happening in their village with the tribal communities, how they are being brainwashed by the higher caste people especially the people with vested interest in caste politics. Along with telling them about their tribal rights, they were also made aware about the rights of a woman and a human being. Some females shared that they eavesdrop when community issues are being discussed in the families but do not participate because they are to be solved by male members. Then they were told in the meeting that they should also participate instead of just following what has been ordered to them. They also shared instances of discrimination and harassment faced by them in the village. They were told about various ways to tackle the situation rather than just ignore.


School Construction

Date:June, 2017

Time:Whole day

Location: Barodwara, Kherwara

Name of Event/Activity:School construction

Type of Activity:Construction of School

Brief Description:

Peace Center is constructing a building of its school, Village Spirit Academy, in Barodwara. Ceiling has been completed of the ground floor this month making the school to come to an end. We have also waterproofed the mud brick wall with a chemical which helps in resisting water from the wall. Flooring and toilets are still left. We couldn’t do it simultaneously because of the financial constraints. Doors are also to be arranged. Plantation outside the building, main gate entry and boundary walls around the school will be built later when there would be money for the same. The students will be shifted from old school to the new building from August on wards.


SHG Meetings

Date:June, 2017

Time:2 p.m.

Location:Various villages of Kherwara block

Name of Event/Activity:Women groups’ Meetings

Type of Activity: Money savings and discussion

Brief Description:

Peace center administers 16 Self Help Groups (SHGs) of women and youth in different villages named Karawara, Sarera, Ghati, Bambala, Itwa, Bhagorefala, Sathsagada, Mahuwal, Wagdhara and Padela. From this month on wards, two SHGs have also started in the Barodwara village where new building of the school is constructed. In the month of June, these meetings were as usual conducted on different dates where women belonging to the particular group came to deposit the monthly money. Representatives of the groups calculated the savings of the group and interests accrued on women who took the money on loan. The group also discussed about the problems and challenges faced by women in their domestic life and tried to find out solutions for the same.


Staff Meeting

Date: 28th June, 2017

Time: 5 p.m.

Location:Community Peace Centre, Karawara

Name of Event/Activity: Staff Meeting

Type of Activity:Discussion and planning

Brief Description:

Since the school has somewhat come to an end, the team of Peace Center had a meeting with all the staff members to celebrate the completion of school and discuss about the money being borrowed for the expenses which is needed to be repaid. The team also discussed about taking the organization forward and planned the way ahead keeping in mind the projects renewed and ongoing work. The roles and responsibilities have been discussed and redistributed among all the staff members. The team planned various activities to engage more youth with the peace center and starting the work more intensively which got affected due to engagement in the school project.



Date: 30th June, 2017

Location:CASA Training Center, Udaipur

Name of Event/Activity:Seminar

Type of Activity:Discussion


Brief Description:

Peace Center Udaipur with CSSS organized a one day seminar on “Current Social and Political Scenario in India”on 30th June, 2017 at CASA Training Center for the cross exchange of ideas and how youth can work together in building a more inclusive society free from all forms of discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, gender, etc. The speaker for the seminar was Advocate Irfan Engineer. The discussion was started by highlighting the current local conflicts happening in the village between the Hindu and Muslim communities. This discussion was further taken to the challenges faced by Adivasi communities and their forceful conversion into Hinduism. Many incidents were shared which are leading to local conflicts and challenges in the Kherwara block. It was pointed out that the major culprit of the hatred spreading in the society against different communities is the social media platforms such as Whatsapp and Facebook. Irfan sir also spoke about mitigating such incidents and curbing the incidence of these events. He asked the youth to prepare some action plans in small groups which you would do to halt the spread of such hatred in the society and everybody lives in harmony. Individual steps need to be taken to curb the hatred otherwise the people who are aiming for it will become successful in paralyzing the democracy and limping the secular nature of India.


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