Central Board of Dawoodi Bohra Community (CBDBC), Centre for Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS), Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) and Bohra Youth Sansthan (BYS) are instituting the Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer Memorial Award to be presented to person/organization to promote the legacy of Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer and encouraging others to take up similar work for a peaceful and just society.

Eligibility Criteria:

1.      The candidate should have worked in the following areas:

a.       To promote liberal and progressive reforms within a religious community

b.      Contribution to liberation theology in Islam or scholarship of liberal Islam

c.       Rights of women in Islam

d.      Communal harmony and peaceful co-existence

The work or contribution of the candidate in any one area from the above should not be in conflict or contradiction with other areas mentioned above.

2. Anyone – except Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer Memorial Award jury and screening committee members – can propose anyone (individuals or organisations), except themselves, close relatives or their own organisations to be considered for the Award. The organizations instituting the Award reserve the right to refuse clearly unsuitable proposals.

3.  The area of work of the candidate must be related to India.

The Prize

The recipient of the Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer Memorial Award will be awarded with a cash prize of INR 25,000.

Application Procedure:

1.      The nomination should be sent in the prescribed format. It may be supported with information submitted by the candidate in the prescribed format.

2.      The last date for sending nominations is 30th August, 2019.

3.      The nomination should be sent to csss.mumbai@gmail.com.

4.      The nominations will be screened by the screening committee and then sent to the jury to decide.

A Jury consisting of eminent scholars, activists and writers working on the issues of communal harmony and religious reforms will assess the nominations and decide the recipient of the Award

The recipient of the award will be presented with the Award in an Award ceremony held in Udaipur tentatively on 10th December, 2019.

Decision of the jury will be final and binding.

Background of the Award:

Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer (1939-2013) was a renowned Islamic scholar and human rights activist. Dr. Engineer’s writings and works touched the lives of many and reflected his commitment to peace, secularism and democracy in the country. He was the founder and Chairperson of the Centre for the Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS). In order to promote his legacy of scholarly work on Secularism, Diversity and Islam; CSSS is pleased to announce the Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer Memorial Award.  

Format for Nomination:

From the Proposer:

The proposer should be someone who knows the proposed person/organisation well, is familiar with their aims and goals, and can vouch for their bona fides.

No more than one new candidate may be proposed in any one year.

1. Full address, e-mail and phone (if available) of self and proposed candidate.

2. Nature and length of relationship with the candidate, mentioning professional, financial or political links, if any.

3. The proposer’s expertise relevant to this proposal, mentioning his/her occupation.

4. A brief summary (no more than 200 words) of the candidate’s work. This paragraph will be the first information our jury receives about the candidate.

5. A statement setting out in more detail the reasons for the proposal and the candidate’s special qualifications for the Award.

From the Candidate:

The following information is required from the proposed candidate. The candidate may submit this information jointly with the proposer. Otherwise, we will ask the candidate to submit this information after we have received a valid proposal.

1. A short history of your work/organisation including the duration of relevant activities, number of staff and volunteers. State full address, e-mail ID and phone number.

2. Biographical data on yourself/organisation’s founders and current leadership, also indicating the date of birth.

3. Written material produced by or about your project/organisation. Materials submitted cannot be returned. If you wish to submit publications, please send no more than one publication and not more than two different books.

4. Information about the financial situation of your organisation: Indicate your current budget and include copies of your most recent financial statements (balance sheet, profit & loss statement, and auditor’s statement), preferably for the past three years.

5. Names, addresses and contact persons of the main donors (if any) from which funding has been received in the past three years.