“I harbored hatred and ill feelings for Muslims for long enough. However coming to this workshop has made me reflect about my own biases and prejudices”, said Shubham Singh. “The games and exercises like the ‘Soup of Life’ and ‘Stepping Forward’ made learning fun. I learnt about how certain identities have privileges in society and some people are underprivileged and are left way behind”.  This sentiment was echoed by a few others at the end of the three-day training of trainers workshop organized by Centre for Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS) in collaboration with Muhim. The training workshop was organized between 3rd to 5th November 2022, in Lucknow based on the Local Changemakers Module on Freedom of Religion or Belief.  The workshop was attended by 40 participants- activists and professionals working on the issue of gender, communal harmony and peace.  The Change makers Course Module consists of nine sessions- five on building perspective on human rights and freedom of religion and belief and last four sessions focus on tactics to counter violations of freedom of religion and belief. The last session is particularly is aimed at helping the participants develop a change plan based on the tactics and skills of problem analysis.

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