Rahul said that India is a federation of many states. We can see differences in dialects, food habits, clothes, languages, lifestyle, culture, beliefs and faiths etc. all over the India. Culture is enriched by exchange of ideas. We know that ginger, potato, tomato are not of Indian origin. These vegetables were introduced to India by travelers but today they are commonly used in Indian kitchen.

Rahul was talking as chief guest at Five Day’s Provincial Youth Training Camp which was jointly organized for youth by Rashtra Seva Dal and Peace Center Paridhi from 8th to 12th June 2022 in Zundapur, Bihpur and Bhagalpur.  78 participants between 15 to 25 age group participated in the camp. 32 were males and 46 females.

Training included sessions on perspective building and physical activities. Perspective sessions included information about secularism, socialism, democracy, science and nationalism given by the experts. Through physical activities an attempt was made to introduce the youth about diverse culture of the country through the medium of sports, street plays, songs, dance, aerobics, dandiya, lezim etc.

While discussing about the Indian Constitution, speaker Sarthak Bharat said that it is the Constitution of India that makes us citizens from ‘praja’. Our constitution is a product of the movement for independence of India from colonialism, so the values ​​of the freedom movement are embedded in it. Further he said that fundamental Rights are the highlight of our Constitution. Freedom of religion gives freedom to all citizens to believe in any religion or faith of their choice. Our constitution has given dignity to all section of the society. Our constitution ensures guarantee and affirmative action for the marginalized. Today there is threat to democratic values.

Another speaker Uday discussed about the importance of science in human life. Sushama Kumari was focused on importance of gender equality.

Bab Nadaf from Maharashtra participated in the program as a trainee and gave training of aerobics, Lejim, Dandaya etc. to youth also he talked about the Maharashtrian culture. Other people talked about culture of Gujarat, South India, and North India.

There was visible cultural diversity in the camp as people from different states participated in the program. Participant enjoyed the camp. In their feedback they said that this camp was very effective in understanding the diversity of the country.  We got new perspective to see the things around us.


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